The Magnificent Seven (19th March 2019)

19th March saw us reach our magnificent seventh jam. We had a great turnout of regulars and a few new faces, which is really great!

The first session saw us tackle some of our regulars, including the likes of Folsom Prison Blues, Big Yellow Taxi, In the Summertime and Sit Down. We seemed to have rattled through the songs pretty quickly. Before we knew it, we we banging out Five Hundred Miles and stopping for a break.

For second session, we played a few old favourites like Common People, Brimful of Asha and Maggie May, and tackled a few new numbers like Moondance and Karma Chameleon. We even attempted Space Oddity, which came out pretty good and Gold, which is still a bit work in progress!

Hope to see you again next week! As ever, if you have any feedback or requests for the songbook or songlist, then please do get in touch! I’m thinking of mixing up the first session’s songlist with a couple of new songs for the next jam.

Stretford Uke is a free weekly ukulele jam, welcoming players of all levels, from beginners to advanced. A fun strum along to liven up the start of the week!

Stretford Uke takes place every Tuesday from 7:30pm at The Sip Club, just turn up with your ukulele and the songbook. Find out more on our Facebook page, or come and join our Facebook group.

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